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Aluminium facades and envelopes

SOFRADI designs, manufactures and carries out all your building projects, including aluminium frames and curtain wall façades, anywhere in France. Our integrated design office customizes each project, with expertise in high technology and architectural design.


SOFRADI is committed to delivering top quality, reliable work, and has earned several Qualibat certifications:


  • 3522 – Manufacture and installation of aluminium joinery (confirmed technical expertise).
  • 3722 – Manufacture and installation of curtain walls (confirmed technical expertise).


We offer several types of walls and aluminium frames:


zoom Curtain walls with traditional grid


zoom Curtain walls with horizontal frame grid


zoom Framed curtain walls (beaded exterior glazing)


zoom Framed curtain walls (structural silicone glazing)


zoom Panel curtain walls


zoom Curtain walls (point-fixed glazing)


zoom Aluminium frame


See SOFRADI projects completed façades, windows and envelopes

Siding, cladding, and building envelopes provide multiple functions:


  •  as effective protection between the inside and outside, the envelope provides thermal and acoustic insulation, waterproofing and natural interior lighting.


  • the selection and placement of the materials are part of the architectural design of a building and create its visual identity: