Sofradi can design and install your project involving insulated panels and joinery, in France and abroad.

Our products:

  • Insulated sandwich panels, polyurethane or rock wool core, choice of facings depending on the use environment.
  • Insulated doors, tailored to your business and your needs.
  • Sur demande spécifique, installation de mur coupe-feu en panneaux sandwich de laine de roche spécifiques. 

Sofradi's in-house engineering and design office is equipped with the latest computer technologies and will create a custom design for your project.

On the building site, our foreman and qualified assemblers install your product, working in direct contact with the design office and the prime contractor.

All our projects are guaranteed by decennial liability insurance as required by French law.

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Sofradi is committed to delivering top quality, reliable products, and has earned Qualibat certification 7172 :
cold insulation – confirmed technical expertise

 Maintenance of isothermal doors


The EMF SERVICE subsidiary maintains doors marketed by the SOFRADI company.


EMF SERVICE, a team of qualified, operational personnel capable of fulfilling a number of missions:


  • To complete the range of the SOFRADI cold insulation department's range of services, in order to fully meet their customers' requirements.
  • To fit sectional doors, high-speed doors and refrigerator doors.
  • To sell spare parts.
  • To provide an after-sales service: door maintenance, repair and inspection.

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