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Our commitment to quality

We have a strong quality policy in place to ensure that our products meet your requirements. We have earned the following Qualibat certifications:

  • 3522 : manufacturing and installation of external aluminium joinery (confirmed technical expertise)
  • 3722 : manufacturing and installation of metal curtain walls (confirmed technical expertise)
  • 4222 : manufacturing and installation of removable partitions (SOFRALU partition)
  • 4311 : supply and installation of wood joinery (basic technical expertise)
  • 7112 : lagging (confirmed technical expertise)
  • 7213 : insulation and acoustic treatment, suspended ceilings (confirmed technical expertise)
  • 7232 : raised floors
  • 7312 : cold insulation (confirmed technical expertise)
  • 9132 : laboratories

To enhance our quality system, we work closely with government agencies, professional organizations and standards committees, including the SNI and SNFA.