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Space planning

For boat and ship outfitting, Sofradi designs and manufactures:

  • Firestop insulation for public buildings
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Ready to paint or removable drywall
  • Mirrors
  • Service or decorative false ceiling
  • Thin sheet metal for decoration
  • Acoustic and fire treatment for engine rooms, generator rooms or boiler rooms
  • Partitioning for large kitchens, stainless steel or pre-lacquered finish

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Aménagement de bureaux

 Modular partitions

At Sofradi, we have been innovating constantly for 30 years to keep pace with technological changes. Since the 90/30 modular partition developed in 1981 and our monoblock partition in 1990, our profiles have become lighter and now feature the new 70/40 dimension. The SOFRALU range has been the industry standard combining style and technology for over 30 years.


Today, our 25 employees in sales, engineering, production and on construction sites are here to work with you to design and deliver custom solutions.



Space planning


When it comes to space planning, partitions are technological solutions in their own right.

In collaboration with the architect, contractor, and decorator we can help you select the materials to achieve the environment you want, and take you on a virtual tour of your future space.


Quality & Safety

Sofradi is committed to delivering top quality, reliable solutions, and has earned the following Qualibat certifications:

4222: Modular partitions

4311: Wood joinery

7213: Suspended ceilings

7232: Technical floors

Clean rooms

From design to completion in accordance with the technical and environmental standards.

Sofradi is comitted to delivering top quality, reliable products, and has earned Qualibat certification : 9132 - Laboratories 

Walls and ceilings

Mechanical strength tailored to your project.
Completely flush solutions.

Composition of the panel:

Cores : Polyurethane foam, rock wool or honeycomb

Facings : Steel or coated aluminium, stainless steel, compact laminate, bordered on four sides by a natural aluminium profile. Tailored to the type of activity and cleaning frequency.

Coatings : Polyester lacquer, PVC or PET 55 μm
Interlocking assembly
Laser cut stainless steel siding including Foamglas insulation
Stapled stone cladding
Cut-outs for air diffusers are made during production
The panels are installed on a base fastened to the floor, suitable for flush PVC flooring


Installed by interlocking with the panels to be perfectly flush to the wall.

Solutions without corners or protrusions, simplifying cleaning.


Choose the type of door you want, to match the wall panels.

The options include doors that will effectively seal your room and stop the circulation of contaminants.

Special equipment

We can meet your specific requirements: accessories, pass-throughs, self-breaking panels, service shafts, wall penetrations for utilities.

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